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Length of Project: 27km
Carriageway Type:
Type 2 Dual Carriageway
Current Status of Project:
Phase 2 & 4
2008 Grant Allocation:
€400,000; 2009: Nil; 2010: 524,567.

The N17 Tobercurry Bypass to Knock Bypass will form part of the N17 National Primary Route between Collooney, Co. Sligo and Galway city. As part of the Transport 21 transport plan it is proposed to develop the Atlantic Corridor from Donegal to Waterford The N17 National Primary Route forms part of this Corridor. The scheme consists of approximately 27 km of Type 2 dual carriageway from the northern end of Knock Bypass to the southern end of the Tobercurry Bypass , and 10 km of single carriageway slip roads, side roads and link roads. The scheme bypasses the town of Charlestown/ Bellahy, and the village of Curry, following a route to the east of the existing N17.

The scheme is being progressed in the following two sections, each of which is at a different stage of design:-
1. Lurga Upper in County Mayo To Tobercurry in County Sligo – Section B+C
2. Shanaghmoyle To Lurga Upper in County Mayo – Section A

Scheme 1: Lurga Upper in County Mayo To Tobercurry (County Sligo) Progress: To date the Design Team have undertaken the following:- ” A Constraints Study ” A Desktop and Field Study of Archaeology and Flora & Fauna ” A Desktop Study of Planning, Traffic Data and Accident Data ” Research into land ownership patterns ” Aerial Survey for the necessary mapping Route Selection Report from N5

Route Options: The route options were presented for consideration by the public. After investigation, a number of viable route options were identified by Mayo and Sligo County Councils. These route options were indicative of corridors under consideration. Mayo County Council invited the public to assist in selecting the emerging preferred route by completing a Questionnaire. Preferred Route: The emerging preferred route was selected following a review of the information gathered during this public consultation and will be co-ordinated and designed in consultation with Sligo County Council.

Preliminary Design:
The Preliminary Design phase (Phase 4) of the project consists of the following: –
” Preliminary Design of Horizontal and Vertical Alignments.
” Preparation of Compulsory Purchase Order Deposit Mapping, Schedules and Notices.
” Preparation of Environmental Impact Statement.
” Publication of Compulsory Purchase Order and Environmental Impact Statement
Following a review by the National Roads Authority in January 2002, priority was given to preparing the Compulsory Purchase Order Deposit Mapping, Schedules, Notices and Environmental Impact Statement
for the N5 Charlestown Bypass Scheme.


Section A: Shanaghmoyle To Lurga Upper(County Mayo)

To date the Design Team have undertaken the following:-

” A Constraints Study was published in February 2009

Click here for a copy of the Constraints Study; Project Information Leaflet; Study Area Map.



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